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The first time I really felt like a creative was when I learned to experiment with Microsoft Paint back in fourth grade. Over a decade later, I still can't picture my life without a few computer programs and a working mouse.

My name is Genesis Cosme and I'm a designer and writer and everything in between. I don't fear color and I like to connect people with one another, but most of all, I like to work with other intelligent creatives, like me.

Having been born and raised in Miami, Florida to a family of artists helped me tap into my artistic potential at a young age. Between the painters, dancers, actresses, photographers, and singers on my Puerto Rican-Dominican-Cuban -American family tree and the vibrant, exciting culture of my hometown, the odds were never against me. 

I received my degree in public relations with minors in art, marketing, and ecosystem science and policy at the University of Miami. I feel lucky to have been able to study my passions so close to my roots. My experience includes everything from developing foodie media lists, reworking visual identities for startups, covering stories on leaders in our community, and more. 

Genesis Cosme


From agency and in-house internships with small business owners, local non-profits, and entertainers to working directly with my peers on UM's college campus in various student leadership positions, I have been able to hone in on my strategic communication and design skills all while giving back to my community.

As I look toward my professional future, I hope to continue doing my part in helping brands and businesses reach their full potential in our ever-changing digital world through graphic design, digital marketing, and strategic communications. Outside of my work, you can find me experimenting in photography, curating music playlists, building a home garden, doodling in my sketchbook, participating in the next big fitness craze, or sipping on a hot cup of coffee.

Feel free to get in touch with me for collaborations or other opportunities, and let's see what we learn from each other!