Client: Bestbuds Organic

Services: logo design

Year: 2020

Bestbuds Organic is an artisan dog treat company based in Miami that creates homemade, organic treats for furry friends. Inspired by the love for her own pet, Bam, founder Kathleen Mattern wanted to help pet owners provide their loved ones with only the best - safe, nutritious, and delicious treats for dogs. This motive became a key component to the Bestbuds Organic visual identity.

The solution is a playful visual identity that showcases Mattern's pet as a detailed illustration contrasted against cursive and sans serif text, calling on the modernity of the brand and simplicity of its product. The design's limited color palette allows for the all-natural coloring of the treats to speak for itself including its light peanut butter brown and deep pumpkin hues, further emphasizing the clean, pet-safe ingredients.

Untitled_Artwork 3.gif