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  • Genesis Cosme

How Will Design Change with Web 3.0? | The Value of UX in Design

Everyone these days seems to be talking about NFTs, blockchain, cryptocurrency, and web 3.0. Whether we designers are unsure where to begin working on this internet evolution or are keeping up with the latest news about this innovative space, more businesses are investing in decentralized applications as consumers are becoming more concerned than ever about how organizations are using their data.

In case you need to get up to speed, check out this article by GeeksforGeeks detailing the differences between web 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.


Design will play an important role in the evolution of web 3.0, especially in the education of the general public about decentralization.

We will be able to cut through technical jargon, bridge the knowledge gap, and communicate the value of using blockchain mechanisms through simplified and intuitive design so that users aren’t overwhelmed by their initial exposure to the space. In general, our artful “design eye” paired with these adaptations to technology will propel the user experience and make this shift a bit less intimidating. As designers, we should be educating and specializing in how UX/UI makes technology better so that we can excel in an ever-changing, technologically advanced world.

Hear from Method’s Dmitri Love as he further discusses the relationship between blockchain and improving crypto UX to increase mass adoption.


As designers, it will be critical for us to adapt, specialize, and keep up with trends during this revolution so that we can remain relevant and necessary to businesses that are moving to this space. If we can successfully bridge the gap between consumer and business in tech spaces, we are sure to prove we are still of value as the design industry changes.


Genesis Cosme is a graphic designer and digital marketer based in Miami, Florida. She helps small businesses and startups find their creativity to compete amongst giants. Contact Genesis.

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