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  • Genesis Cosme

Relationship Building in a "Post-Pandemic" World

COVID-19 has changed life as we know it on a global scale. Even two years in, businesses are still learning to adapt and reimagine what needs the customer experience has to address and how to better prepare for the future. Now more than ever, consumers are looking to businesses that foster connection, agility, and empathy - and really mean it. For marketers, this means it’s time to update most of the old truths we had in our marketing playbooks.

In this interview, I talk about agility, connection, and empathy with Trina Sargalski, Director of Marketing and Communications at The Doral Yard for Yard Hospitality. We discuss the importance of knowing your consumer and the market in times of crisis, how digital marketing can play a role in helping to stay close to consumers, and how placing marketing at the center of an organization can further promote a culture of growth.

The Doral Yard is a 20,000-square-foot community gathering venue with homegrown food and drinks, live music, arts and culture, and round-the-clock events. The Doral Yard first opened in March 2020 in the thick of a crisis and has since established itself as an important cultural hub for Doral residents, creatives, and entrepreneurs. It serves as an incubator where entrepreneurs of all ages have the opportunity to test their new business ideas, products, and services in a safe space in Miami with the Doral Yard’s loyal and supportive clientele.

Learn more or visit The Doral Yard:


Genesis Cosme is a graphic designer and digital marketer based in Miami, Florida. She helps small businesses and startups find their creativity to compete amongst giants. Contact Genesis. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

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